Understanding the real estate market is part science, part art and part experience. 

BUT, just understanding the market does not sell houses. The MARKET does not buy or sell property; PEOPLE do!


    Those folks who are selling papers, writing magazine articles and trying to win a Pulitzer for some journalistic scoop aren’t the market either. Stop, take a breath and you’ll see that buyers are still buying, sellers are still selling and lenders are still lending. BUT, not all buyers are buying, sellers selling or lenders lending. To find the ones who are, you need a plan … YOUR plan ... not someone else’s. THE NINES TEAM REALTY takes the time to work with you to build your plan, unique to your property needs, financial circumstances and timeframes.

    Do you start off on a cross-country trip without a map, an idea of your destination or some idea of what roads to travel? Of course not. Then why should you embark on a real estate journey without a “roadmap?” 

With THE NINES TEAM REALTY, we think our "maps" are better than any others you might find. We’d love the opportunity to share yours with you.


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Mtg Loan Rate APR
30-yr Fixed 4.12% 4.26%
15-yr Fixed 3.37% 3.55%
1-yr Adj 2.74% 3.4%
* national averages

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